Through INTO CSU International students can study English as a Second Language for personal, professional, or academic purposes. INTO CSU also offers several undergraduate and graduate Pathways bridge programs to strengthen academic credentials and English proficiency before applying to a CSU degree program. All programs are in a highly supportive learning environment, designed to accelerate students' success. Students, regardless of INTO CSU program of study, have all the benefits and experiences of campus life at CSU, including access to all of the academic, social, and cultural resources and activities that CSU has to offer. 

English Language Programs

Students can study General English for personal and professional use, either in a single or series of 4-week long sessions, or in a campus year abroad setting. The Academic English program is designed for students who are intending to get a degree at an American university.

Academic English Program

The Academic English program at INTO CSU is accredited by the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation (CEA) and prepares international students for university study in the US. This academically rigorous program provides international students with high-quality English language instruction and the academic skills to succeed at CSU through development of:

  • Listening

  • Speaking

  • Reading

  • Writing

  • Grammar

  • Academic study skills.

Pre-Academic English Program

The four-week Pre-Academic English program is specifically designed for Fulbright scholars and students who have been admitted to a Pathway program or directly admitted to a CSU degree program for the Fall semester. This program allows students to strengthen their English language skills and become oriented to US academic culture and expectations prior to starting their Pathway or degree program.

General English Program

The General English program consists of 4-week sessions designed for students of all levels of English who want to develop communication skills in many social and professional situations while learning about American culture.

General English students have access to all the same resources and amenities as all other university students.  General English students who choose shared on-campus housing will live in the building with Americans, further enhancing their study abroad experience in America. With American conversation groups and social programs organized by INTO CSU, students are more likely to have a successful experience integrating to the campus community and American lifestyle.

Pathway Programs

INTO CSU offers undergraduate and graduate level bridge programs designed to provide international students experience in CSU university-level academic classes before they become full-time university students. Students in a pathway program have access to many of the services of a regularly admitted student along with additional support to help with their transition to American culture and study. 

Undergraduate Pathways

Undergraduate pathways include coursework in English Language, math, and major specific classes, or classes to help fulfill CSU core or elective credits. 

Graduate Pathways

Graduate pathways include coursework in English Language, undergraduate, and/or graduate academic courses designed to ensure success in specific CSU graduate programs.