The Department of Animal Sciences offers a certificate in Meat Science to undergraduate students majoring in Animal Science. This certificate prepares students for careers that require specialized training in meat processing technology, product quality, microbiology and meat safety or for advanced studies in the field of Meat Science or Food Safety.

Effective Fall 2017

A minimum grade of C (2.000) is required in each course with the traditional grade mode and a Satisfactory for each course with the S/U grade mode. 

Additional coursework may be required due to prerequisites.

ANEQ 362Advanced Meat Product Evaluation1
ANEQ 450Processed Meats3
ANEQ 460Meat Safety2
ANEQ 470Meat Processing Systems4
Select one course from the following: 1
Internship: Animal 1
Independent Study 1
ANEQ 496Group Study 11
Program Total Credits:12

Must be related to meat evaluation, meat processing technology, product quality, microbiology, and/or food safety.