Soil Science as a discipline has applications to many fields of study, including biology, ecology, engineering, horticulture, and hydrology. The purpose of the minor in Soil Science is to combine the fundamental sub-disciplines of soil science to provide non-majors the essential elements of soil science.

Effective Fall 2014

Students must satisfactorily complete the total credits required for the minor. Minors and interdisciplinary minors require 12 or more upper-division (300- to 400-level) credits.

Additional coursework may be required due to prerequisites.

Required Courses
SOCR 240Introductory Soil Science4
SOCR 440Pedology4
SOCR 455Soil Microbiology3
SOCR 470Soil Physics3
Selected Courses
Select a minimum of 7 credits from the following courses:7
Principles of Microclimatology
Soil Fertility Management
Soil Fertility Laboratory
Irrigation Principles
Irrigation of Field Crops
Soils and Global Change: Science and Impacts
Soil Ecology
Soil Microbiology Laboratory
Soil and Environmental Chemistry
Soil Physics Laboratory
Hydrus-1D Workshop
Program Total Credits:21