Effective Fall 2016

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
FallTotal Credits
BUS 614Accounting Concepts2
BUS 620Leadership and Teams2
BUS 636Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity3
CIS 600Information Technology and Project Management3
MGT 667Global Social Sustainable Entrepreneurship3
 Total Credits13
BUS 601Quantitative Business Analysis2
BUS 615Managerial Accounting2
BUS 686Practicum1
BUS 690EContemporary Issues: Global Enterprise1
FIN 601Financial Management and Markets3
MGT 665Supply Chain Development and Management2
MKT 601Marketing for Social Sustainable Enterprises3
 Total Credits14
Second Year
BUS 505Legal and Ethical Environment of Business3
BUS 686Practicum2
FIN 669Financing, Evaluating Sustainable Enterprise3
MGT 612Managing in a Global Context3
MGT 668New Venture Development for Social Enterprise3
 Total Credits14
 Program Total Credits:41

A minimum of 41 credits are required to complete this program.