The Master of Business Administration prepares students for careers in a rapidly changing world, with an emphasis on real-world application of finance, accounting, management, and marketing. The curriculum covers the principles, processes, and practices of statistics, human resources, accounting, supply chain management, marketing, and finance, with hands-on application of course concepts. MBA students complete a core of 36 credits, plus 6 elective credits selected from the areas of finance, marketing, and computer information systems. Students may also choose to pursue graduate transcripted certificates in a variety of disciplines.

Effective Fall 2015

Plan of Study Grid
First YearCredits
BUS 500Business Systems and Processes2
BUS 601Quantitative Business Analysis2
BUS 614Accounting Concepts2
BUS 615Managerial Accounting2
BUS 616Financial Reporting and Analysis2
BUS 620Leadership and Teams2
BUS 626Managing Human Capital2
BUS 635Business Economics for the World Market2
BUS 650Supply Chain Management2
BUS 655Marketing Management2
Directed Electives10-6
 Total Credits20-26
Second Year
BUS 630Information Management2
BUS 640Financial Principles and Practice2
BUS 641Financial Markets and Investments2
BUS 656Marketing Strategy and Planning2
BUS 660Ethical, Legal, and Regulatory Issues2
BUS 662International Business2
BUS 665MBA Capstone4
Directed Electives10-6
 Total Credits16-22
 Program Total Credits:42

 Directed Electives1

BUS 690AContemporary Issues: Business1-6
BUS 690BContemporary Issues: Grad Tutorials1-6
BUS 690CContemporary Issues: Info Systems1-6
BUS 690DContemporary Issues: Accounting1-6
BUS 690EContemporary Issues: Global Enterprise1-6
BUS 690FContemporary Issues: Finance1-6
CIS 570Business Intelligence3
CIS 575Applied Data Mining and Analytics in Business3
CIS 576Business Data Visualization3
CIS 600Information Technology and Project Management3
CIS 655Business Database Systems3
CIS 670Advanced IT Project Management3
CIS 675Agile Management and Product Development3
CIS 676Information Technology Management3
FIN 602Options and Futures1
FIN 603Corporate Risk Management1
FIN 604Employee Benefits1
FIN 606Fundamentals of International Finance1
FIN 607Fundamentals of Bond Markets1
FIN 608Fundamentals of Firm Valuation1
FIN 609Fundamentals of Personal Finance1
MKT 610Qualitative Marketing Research Methods1
MKT 611Quantitative Marketing Research Methods1
MKT 621Search Engine Marketing and Optimization1
MKT 661Consumer Behavior1
MKT 662Strategic Selling for Business Customers1
MKT 667Services Marketing Management1
REL 601Fundamentals of Real Estate Finance1

A minimum of 42 credits are required to complete this program.