The M.C.I.S. program addresses the demand of the market place. Students demand applicable skills to meet the needs of an ever evolving business environment which increasingly relies on technology to support organizations from a systems perspective. The program offers students innovative, cutting edge and necessary skills to address organizational issues such as data analysis, project management, and security, IT communication infrastructure, software development and implementation, integration of processes and technology in support of enterprises and the organization and management of an information technology project. Because it is offered both on campus and online and because of the flexible format, students in the full M.C.I.S. program who are working full time are able to complete their degree in as little as 1 year or up to 5 years. 

Effective Fall 2017

Core Courses
CIS 600Information Technology and Project Management3
CIS 601/MGT 601Enterprise Computing and Systems Integration3
CIS 605Business Visual Application Development3
CIS 606Application Software Infrastructure3
CIS 610Software Development Methodology3
CIS 611Object-Oriented Systems3
CIS 620IT Communications Infrastructure3
CIS 655Business Database Systems3
CIS 665E-Business Application Technologies3
Selected Courses
Select a minimum of two courses from the following: 6
Contemporary Issues: Info Systems
Business Intelligence
Applied Data Mining and Analytics in Business
Business Data Visualization
Advanced IT Project Management
Agile Management and Product Development
Information Technology Management
Independent Study
Program Total Credits:33

A minimum of 33 credits are required to complete this program.