The Construction Management (CM) program at CSU is one of the top-ranked programs in the nation. Since its inception in 1946, more than 5,000 students have graduated, many of them going on to become leaders in their field. The program is accredited by the American Council for Construction Education.

Construction management is the overall planning, coordination, and control of a project from inception to completion. The CM major addresses issues related to the management of multiple project sites and the applications of resource management, schedule control, cost control, design, and other requirements of the construction process. Design elements concentrate on the relationship between the built environment and the comfort of its inhabitants while safety education emphasizes the health of the individual worker.

A major in Construction Management provides a strong foundation for professional careers in the construction industry. The curriculum integrates technology and innovative management systems with the basics of civil engineering, business and management, and the communication skills required to be successful in today’s world. Coursework includes construction methods, estimating, scheduling, computer technologies, architectural principles, fundamentals of management and law, steel and concrete structures, and soils. The curriculum incorporates hands-on labs for most courses. This diverse program creates a broad range of career options for graduates.

The Construction Management major is controlled, and all students admitted to CSU or seeking to change their major to CM must first be designated as pre-construction management. To be considered for admission to CM students must:

  • Complete a minimum of 15 credits at CSU
  • Earn a minimum 2.750 cumulative CSU GPA
  • Complete CON 101 with a “B” grade or better
  • Complete CO 150 with a “B” grade or better
  • Complete MATH 125 with a “C” grade or better

Once a student has met the minimum requirements listed above they are eligible to apply to the CM program.

During their academic career, CM students are required to obtain an internship (full-time structured work experience) position with any one of a variety of construction companies and organizations. Our Phelps Placement Office assists current and graduating students as well as alumni with in-house interviews, bi-annual career fairs, and the publication of a graduate resume book.

Learning Outcomes

Students will develop and demonstrate:

  • Professional, analytical, and problem solving skills related to the career requirements in construction management
  • Strong professional communication skills with an emphasis on written, graphic, and verbal skills related to the career requirements in construction management
  • Technical proficiency in the following construction management areas: design/engineering, management, materials and methods, estimating, scheduling, safety, surveying, and project administration

Potential Occupations

The construction industry has become a highly technical industry marked by continuous and dramatic change. There is a continued demand for capable and highly trained construction management professionals who can adapt and become effective leaders in the field. CM continues to boast one of the highest placement rates and entry level salaries of all majors.

In addition to the campus Career Center, the CM Department prides itself on its in-house career support. Services provided by the Phelps Placement Office include internship and career placement, bi-annual CM career fair, in-house industry interviews, graduate resume publication, year-round intern and job postings, resume and business correspondence resources, and career assessment counseling.

Entry-level occupations include, but are not limited to: field engineer, assistant estimator, project scheduler, cost control engineer, safety engineer, project supervisor, project coordinator, quality assurance specialist, project engineer, assistant project manager, and assistant superintendent. Recruiting Industries include: Commercial, Heavy Civil and Heavy Highway, Industrial and Utility, Mechanical and Electrical, Project Controls and Consulting, Residential Development, Specialty Contracting, and Transportation.

Students may consider simultaneously completing the requirements for a minor in Business Administration. Several of the courses required for the minor in Business Administration are also required for the major in Construction Management curriculum.

Effective Fall 2018

CO 150College Composition (GT-CO2)1A3
CON 101Introduction to Construction Management 3
CON 131Graphic Communications for Construction 2
CON 151Construction Materials and Methods 3
ECON 202Principles of Microeconomics (GT-SS1)3C3
Select one course from the following: 3
Exploring Earth - Physical Geology (GT-SC2)3A 
The Blue Planet - Geology of Our Environment (GT-SC2)3A 
Geology of Natural Resources (GT-SC2)3A 
GEOL 121Introductory Geology Laboratory (GT-SC1)3A1
MATH 125Numerical Trigonometry (GT-MA1)1B1
MATH 141Calculus in Management Sciences (GT-MA1)1B3
Arts and Humanities3B6
Historical Perspectives3D3
 Total Credits 31
ACT 205Fundamentals of Accounting 3
BUS 205Legal and Ethical Issues in Business 3
CON 251Materials Testing and Processing 2
CON 261Construction Surveying 3
CON 265Plan Reading and Quantity Survey 3
CON 317Safety Management 2
CON 351Construction Field Management 2
CON *** Elective 3
SPCM 200Public Speaking 3
STAT 201 or 204General Statistics
Statistics for Business Students
Global and Cultural Awareness3E3
 Total Credits 30
CON 267Construction Management Pre-Internship 1
CON 359Structures I 4
CON 360Electrical Systems in Construction 3
CON 365Construction Estimating4A3
CON 366Construction Equipment and Methods 3
CON 367Construction Contracts/Project Administration4B3
CON 371Mechanical and Plumbing Systems 3
MGT 305Fundamentals of Management 3
PH 121General Physics I (GT-SC1)3A5
Advanced Writing 23
 Total Credits 31
CON 459Structures II 4
CON 461Construction Scheduling and Cost Control4A3
CON 462Financial Management for Construction 3
CON 465Construction Management Professional Practice4C3
CON 469Soils Engineering for Construction Managers 3
Select 6 credits from the following: 6
Group A:
Internship: Construction Management I  
Group B:
Internship: Construction Management II  
Technical Elective (See list below)
CON *** Elective 3
MGT 473Employment Relations: Labor and Management 3
 Total Credits 28
 Program Total Credits: 120

Technical Electives

Business/Computer Science/Economics (prerequisites and major restrictions may apply)
AREC 240/ECON 240Issues in Environmental Economics (GT-SS1)3
AREC 346/ECON 346Economics of Outdoor Recreation3
BUS 150Business Computing Concepts and Applications3
CS 110Personal Computing4
CS 150Introduction to Programming (CS0) - Java3
ECON 204Principles of Macroeconomics (GT-SS1)3
ECON 304Intermediate Macroeconomics3
ECON 306Intermediate Microeconomics3
ECON 315Money and Banking3
ECON 320Economics of Public Finance3
FIN 305Fundamentals of Finance3
MKT 305Fundamentals of Marketing3
REL 360Real Estate Principles3
Foreign Language (prerequisites may apply)
L*** 10* First-Year Language I or II 15
L*** 20* Second-Year Language I or II 13-5
LFRE 106First-Year French Review3
LFRE 108Intensive French I5
LFRE 120Reading for Proficiency-French3
LFRE 208Intensive French II5
LGER 108Intensive German I5
LGER 120Reading for Proficiency-German3
LGER 208Intensive German II5
LJPN 208Kanji Study1
LSPA 106First-Year Spanish Review3
LSPA 108Intensive Spanish I5
LSPA 120Reading for Proficiency-Spanish3
LSPA 208Intensive Spanish II5
Interior Design (prerequisites and major restrictions may apply)
INTD 200Housing Values in America3
INTD 210Studio I-Interior Architecture and Design3
INTD 236Three-Dimensional Thinking3
INTD 255Residential Interiors3
INTD 266Visual Communication-Digital Multi-Media3
INTD 276Studio II-Interior Architecture and Design3
INTD 330Lighting Design3
INTD 335Interior Architecture and Design Technologies3
INTD 340Interior Materials and Products3
INTD 350Codes-Health and Safety3
Mathematics/Statistics (prerequisites and major restrictions may apply)
MATH 161Calculus for Physical Scientists II (GT-MA1)4
STAT 340Multiple Regression Analysis3
Science (prerequisites and major restrictions may apply)
CHEM 103Chemistry in Context (GT-SC2)3
CHEM 104Chemistry in Context Laboratory (GT-SC1)1
CHEM 107Fundamentals of Chemistry (GT-SC2)4
CHEM 108Fundamentals of Chemistry Laboratory (GT-SC1)1
CHEM 111General Chemistry I (GT-SC2)4
CHEM 112General Chemistry Lab I (GT-SC1)1
CHEM 113General Chemistry II3
CHEM 114General Chemistry Lab II1
HES 240First Aid and Emergency Care2
PH 142Physics for Scientists and Engineers II (GT-SC1)5
Civil Engineering (prerequisites and major restrictions may apply)
CIVE 300Fluid Mechanics3
CIVE 303Infrastructure and Transportation Systems3
CIVE 322Basic Hydrology3
CIVE 330Ecological Engineering3
CIVE 355Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering3
CIVE 356Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory1
CIVE 360Mechanics of Solids3
CIVE 367Structural Analysis3
CIVE 401Hydraulic Engineering3
CIVE 423Groundwater Engineering3
CIVE 425Soil and Water Engineering3
CIVE 437Wastewater Treatment Facility Design3
CIVE 438Environmental Engineering Concepts3
CIVE 455Applications in Geotechnical Engineering3
CIVE 467Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures3
CIVE 575Sustainable Water and Waste Management3
Communication (prerequisites and major restrictions may apply)
CO 401Writing and Style3
JTC 301Corporate and Professional Communication (GT-C03)3
JTC 411Media Ethics and Issues3
CON 487AInternship: Construction Management I 26

Distinctive Requirements for Degree Program:
Every student pursuing the Construction Management (CM) major will start as Pre‐Construction Management and must meet the following admission requirements before being fully admitted to the Construction Management major:

  • Earn a minimum 2.750 cumulative CSU GPA
  • Complete CON 101, Introduction to Construction Management, with a "B" grade or better
  • Complete CO 150, College Composition, with a "B" grade or better
  • Complete MATH 125, Numerical Trigonometry, with a "C" grade or better

​Besides CON 101, Pre‐Construction Management students are not able to take CON courses until fully admitted to Construction Management.
There is a required internship course that takes place the summer prior to the student’s graduation.  Students must complete CON 487A (24 week Internship) or CON 487B (12 week Internship) plus 500 hours work experience to be submitted by December prior to internship.
MATH 117 and MATH 118 are prerequiste courses required for this major in order to complete MATH 125.

Semester 1CriticalRecommendedAUCCCredits
CO 150College Composition (GT-CO2) X1A3
CON 101Introduction to Construction Management X 3
MATH 125Numerical Trigonometry (GT-MA1) X1B1
Arts and Humanities  3B6
Historical Perspectives  3D3
 Total Credits   16
Semester 2CriticalRecommendedAUCCCredits
CON 131Graphic Communications for ConstructionX  2
CON 151Construction Materials and MethodsX  3
ECON 202Principles of Microeconomics (GT-SS1)  3C3
Select one course from the following:   3
Exploring Earth - Physical Geology (GT-SC2)  3A 
The Blue Planet - Geology of Our Environment (GT-SC2)  3A 
Geology of Natural Resources (GT-SC2)  3A 
GEOL 121Introductory Geology Laboratory (GT-SC1)  3A1
MATH 141Calculus in Management Sciences (GT-MA1)  1B3
CO 150 and AUCC 1B (MATH) must be completed by the end of Semester 2. X   
 Total Credits   15
Semester 3CriticalRecommendedAUCCCredits
BUS 205Legal and Ethical Issues in Business   3
CON 251Materials Testing and ProcessingX  2
CON 261Construction Surveying X 3
SPCM 200Public Speaking   3
Global and Cultural Awareness  3E3
Admission to Construction Management major required by the end of Semester 3.X   
 Total Credits   14
Semester 4CriticalRecommendedAUCCCredits
ACT 205Fundamentals of Accounting   3
CON 265Plan Reading and Quantity SurveyX  3
CON 317Safety ManagementX  2
CON 351Construction Field ManagementX  2
Select one course from the following:   3
General Statistics    
Statistics for Business Students X  
CON Elective (See Department List on Concentration Requirements tab)   3
If taking CON 487B (12 week internship), complete 500 hours work experience summer between Sophomore and Junior year. X  
 Total Credits   16
Semester 5CriticalRecommendedAUCCCredits
CON 359Structures IX  4
CON 360Electrical Systems in ConstructionX  3
CON 365Construction EstimatingX 4A3
PH 121General Physics I (GT-SC1)X 3A5
 Total Credits   15
Semester 6CriticalRecommendedAUCCCredits
CON 267Construction Management Pre-InternshipX  1
CON 366Construction Equipment and Methods   3
CON 367Construction Contracts/Project AdministrationX 4B3
CON 371Mechanical and Plumbing Systems   3
MGT 305Fundamentals of ManagementX  3
Advanced Writing  23
If taking CON 487B (12 week internship), complete Work Documentation Packet and submit to Internship Office no later than Friday of finals week the December prior to your internship.    
 Total Credits   16
Semester 7CriticalRecommendedAUCCCredits
Select one course from the following:   3-6
Internship: Construction Management IX   
Internship: Construction Management IIX   
 Total Credits   3-6
Semester 8CriticalRecommendedAUCCCredits
CON 459Structures II   4
CON 461Construction Scheduling and Cost ControlX 4A3
MGT 473Employment Relations: Labor and Management   3
CON Elective (See Department List on Concentration Requirements Tab)   3
 Total Credits   13
Semester 9CriticalRecommendedAUCCCredits
CON 462Financial Management for ConstructionX  3
CON 465Construction Management Professional PracticeX 4C3
CON 469Soils Engineering for Construction ManagersX  3
If CON 487B taken, Technical Elective (See Department List on Concentration Requirements Tab).X  0-3
The benchmark courses for the 9th semester are the remaining courses in the entire program of study.X   
 Total Credits   9-12
 Program Total Credits:   120