The Education Sciences specialization is designed to prepare researchers and scholars to address critical issues in education through disciplined inquiry that bridges theory and practice. The program’s coursework has a strong research methods core, an education sciences content core, and a focused apprenticeship in a field aligned with the expertise of a faculty mentor.

Effective Fall 2014

Research Core
EDRM 700Quantitative Research Methods3
EDRM 701Applied Linear Models-Educational Research3
EDRM 702Foundations of Educational Research3
EDRM 704Qualitative Research3
EDRM 705Qualitative Data Analysis3
EDRM 706Analysis of Variance--Education Research3
EDRM 707Quantitative Data Collection Methods/Analysis3
EDRM 792ASeminar: Research Methodology3
or EDRM 792B Seminar: Proposal Development
EDRM *** Selected Electives 13
EDRM 799Dissertation6-12
Education Sciences Core
EDUC 713Teaching, Learning, and Professional Growth3
EDUC 715Critical Issues for Special Populations3
EDUC 720Human Learning, Cognition, and Motivation3
Education and/or Social Science Electives 19
Education Sciences Cognate
Cognate Courses 6-12
Program Total Credits:63

A minimum of 63 credits are required to complete this program.


Select courses with approval of graduate advisor and committee.