Students who are preparing to specialize as school counselors will demonstrate the professional knowledge and skills necessary to promote the academic, career, and personal/social development of all P–12 students through data-informed school counseling programs. 

Effective Fall 2018

Core Requirements
EDCO 500Career and Employment Concepts3
EDCO 625Foundations of Counseling3
EDCO 650Individual Guidance and Counseling3
EDCO 651Group Guidance and Counseling3
EDCO 652Ethics in Counseling/Career Development3
EDCO 653Counseling for Cultural Diversity3
EDCO 656Tests and Assessment3
EDCO 660Career Development Counseling3
EDCO 686Practicum-Guidance and CounselingVar.
EDCO 687Internship-Guidance and CounselingVar.
EDCO 692Seminar-Brief Counseling3
EDCO 693Seminar-Guidance and CounselingVar.
EDCO 696Group StudyVar.
EDRM 600Introduction to Research Methods3
HDFS 505Human Development for Helping Professionals3
Specialization Requirements
EDCO 550Professional School Counseling3
EDCO 552School Counseling Program Delivery/Evaluation3
EDCO 662Counseling Children and Adolescents3
Select 3 credits from the following:3
Seminar: Contemplative Practices in Counseling and Education
School Law
Leadership and Ethics in Public Education
Developmental Transitions in Adolescence
Risk and Resilience Across the Lifespan
Program Total Credits:60