The Adult Education and Training (AET) specialization is designed to prepare practitioners in planning and instructional responsibilities needed to teach adult learners in postsecondary, community, and corporate settings. With coursework that is based in practice and grounded in current adult learning theory, this master's degree prepares you to successfully facilitate, design and implement a wide range of training and educational programs.

Students may pursue either a Plan A (research thesis) or a Plan B. The Plan B culminates in a capstone project in which students demonstrate the integration of their academic knowledge and professional abilities.

Effective Summer 2012

Required Courses
EDAE 520Adult Education3
EDAE 620Processes and Methods3
EDAE 624Adult Teaching and Learning I3
EDAE 639Instructional Design3
EDRM 600Introduction to Research Methods3
EDUC 651Multicultural and Special Populations3
Electives 19
EDAE 698Research3
Program Total Credits:30

A minimum of 30 credits are required to complete this program.