Effective Fall 2014

Core Courses
CM 666/PHIL 666Science and Ethics3
HES 610Exercise Bioenergetics3
HES 700Professional Skills in Bioenergetics3
HES 704AAdvanced Topics in Bioenergetics: Movement3
HES 704BAdvanced Topics in Bioenergetics: Physiology3
HES 793Bioenergetics Seminar 14
Statistics 26
Selected Electives 39
HES 799Dissertation 312
Master Degree Credit
Master Degree Credit 430
Total Credits72

A minimum of 72 credits are required to complete this program.


Course must be taken for a minimum of 4 credits and may be repeated.


Select six credits of statistics with approval of advisor and graduate committee.


Select additional dissertation credits and/or 500-level and above elective credits with approval of advisor and graduate committee to bring the program total to a minimum of 72 credits. 


 A maximum of 30 credits may be accepted from a master's degree.