Effective Fall 2014

Core Courses
HES 420Electrocardiography and Exercise Management3
HES 520Advanced Exercise Testing and Prescription3
HES 556Wellness and Health Promotion Concepts3
HES 600Research Design in Health/Exercise Science3
HES 602Advanced Physiology of Exercise3
HES 645Epidemiology of Health and Physical Activity3
Select one from the following:6
Practicum: Adult Fitness-Human Performance Clinical/Research Laboratory
Group Study: Exercise and Nutrition
Group Study: Exercise Science
Group Study: Biomechanics
Group Study: Neuromuscular Physiology
HES 693Seminar2
Electives 115
Select one from the following:3
Independent Study: Health
Independent Study: Exercise Science
Independent Study: Biomechanics
Independent Study: Neuromuscular Physiology
Total Credits44

A minimum of 44 credits are required to complete this program. 


Select enough 500-level or above elective credits with approval of advisor and graduate committee to bring the program total to 44 credits.