The Ph.D. program in Applied Developmental Science (ADS) emphasizes how research regarding basic processes in human development can be used to prevent problems and enhance well-being across the lifespan. Students gain knowledge in lifespan human development theory, empirical research skills to conduct high-quality basic and applied research, and the abilities to translate science into practices and programs that address a wide range of social and public health problems. Graduates from the ADS program have the basic knowledge and the applied skills to work in settings such as academia, for-profit and not-for-profit research and advocacy organizations, governmental and human services agencies, or community agencies with programs designed to enhance health and well-being of individuals, families, and communities.

Students can enter the ADS program with a completed master’s degree or with a completed bachelor’s degree. Students entering with a bachelor’s will be required to complete a master’s in Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS), with a specialization in Prevention Science or Marriage and Family Therapy.

For more information, please visit Department of Human Development & Family Studies Ph.D. in Applied Developmental Science.

Effective Fall 2015

Core Courses
HDFS 500Issues in Human Development and Family Studies3
HDFS 524Family Theory3
HDFS 610Risk and Resilience3
HDFS 710Theories of Applied Developmental Science3
Applied Developmental Science Elective Courses
Select a minimum of 21 credits from the following courses: 21
Grant Writing-Human Services and Research
Prevention Science Across the Lifespan
Program Planning and Implementation
Prevention Program Evaluation
Early Child Development
Adolescent Development
Adult Development and Aging
Family Issues: Family Policy and Programming
Seminar: Lifespan Socioemotional Development
Seminar: Lifespan Cognitive Development
Out-of-Department Electives 1
Research Methods/Statistics
HDFS 501Readings in the Discipline1
HDFS 549Research Methods I3
HDFS 550Research Methods II3
HDFS 650Multivariate Research Methods I3
HDFS 750Multivariate Research Methods II3
Methodology/Statistics Elective 3
Select a minimum of 6 credits from the following courses: 6
Supervised College Teaching
Internship: Human Development
Internship: Family Studies
Internship: Marriage and Family Therapy
HDFS 698AResearch: Human Development3
HDFS 698BResearch: Family Studies3
Thesis and Dissertation
HDFS 699Thesis6
HDFS 799Dissertation12
Program Total Credits:79

A minimum of 79 credits are required to complete this program. 


Select courses with approval of advisor and graduate committee.