The Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) specialization, which is accredited by the Commission on the Accreditation of Marriage & Family Therapy Education, provides a specific professional curriculum that prepares graduates for licensure as marriage and family therapists. Courses focus on individual and family development, evidence-based clinical practices, social justice frameworks, and research methods. MFT students also complete a thesis. Training includes practica and internships with live supervision in the CSU Center for Family and Couple Therapy as well as Campus Connections: Therapeutic Mentoring At Risk Youth and other clinical programs. MFT graduates go on to work as therapists in private practice or at for-profit and non-profit mental health agencies. Some students enter doctoral programs upon graduation, including CSU's Ph.D. in Applied Developmental Science.

For more information, please visit the Department of Human Development & Family Studies Marriage and Family Therapy Program.

Effective Fall 2015

Required Courses
EDCO 693Seminar-Guidance and Counseling 13
HDFS 500Issues in Human Development & Family Studies3
HDFS 501Readings in the Discipline1
HDFS 520Family Therapy Practice: Treatment Planning3
HDFS 521Family Therapy Practice: Common Factors3
HDFS 524Family Theory3
HDFS 534Marriage and Family Therapy3
HDFS 549Research Methods I3
HDFS 550Research Methods II3
HDFS 620Family Therapy Practice: Addictions3
HDFS 621Family Therapy Practice: Topics in Sexuality3
HDFS 624Skills and Techniques in Family Therapy3
HDFS 644Foundations in Family Therapy3
HDFS 676Professional Skills Development3
HDFS 677Ethical and Legal Issues3
HDFS 687CInternship: Marriage and Family TherapyVar.
Selected Courses
Select one from the following:3
Risk and Resilience
Early Child Development
Adolescent Development
Adult Development and Aging
Seminar: Lifespan Socioemotional Development
Seminar: Lifespan Cognitive Development
Select at least one from the following:3
Family Issues: Intimacy and Human Sexuality
Family Issues: Parenting
HDFS 699Thesis6
Program Total Credits:60

A minimum of 60 credits are required to complete this program.