Students are not currently being accepted into this program of study.  

Students interested in this area of study, please see the LEAP Institute for the Arts.

To enroll in the Arts Leadership and Administration minor, students must have declared a major in Art, Music, Theatre, or Dance.

Lower Division
ACT 205Fundamentals of Accounting3
ECON 101Economics of Social Issues (GT-SS1)3
LEAP 200Advocacy in the Visual and Performing Arts3
LEAP 220Technology and the Arts in the 21st Century3
Upper Division
LEAP 300Arts Outreach and Community Engagement3
LEAP 310Creating and Managing a Career in the Arts3
LEAP 487Internship (Concurrent registration with LEAP 492 required)2
LEAP 492Internship Seminar (Concurrent registration with LEAP 487 required)1
MGT 340Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship3
Program Total Credits:24