Effective Fall 2013

SPCM 408Applied Deliberative Techniques3
SPCM 508Deliberative Theory and Practice3
SPCM 601History of Rhetorical Theory3
SPCM 612Rhetorical Criticism3
SPCM 638Communication Research Methods3
SPCM 646Media Theory3
SPCM 686Practicum3
SPCM 692Seminar3
SPCM 695Independent Study 13
Select 12 credits from the following: 212
Communicating in the Health Clinic
Rhetoric, Race, and Identity
Rhetoric of Everyday Life
Topics in Public Address
Rhetoric and Public Affairs
Feminist Theories of Discourse
Theories of Interpersonal Communication
Discourse, Work, and Organization
Communication and Cultural Diversity
Communication Theory
Media Industries
Media Texts
Media Audiences
Contemporary Issues in Media
Out-of-department graduate course
Total Credits39

A minimum of 39 credits are required to complete this program. 


Students must complete a deliberative practices project in SPCM 695.  Project will be based on Center for Public Deliberation program.


All credits must be taken at the graduate level (500- or 600-level). A minimum of 9 credits must be SPCM subject code courses.  3 credits may be taken from an outside department.