Effective Fall 2014

Core Courses
AREC 506/ECON 506Applied Microeconomic Theory3
AREC 507Applied Welfare and Policy Analysis3
AREC 535/ECON 535Applied Econometrics3
ECON 501Quantitative Methods for Economists3
ECON 504Applied Macroeconomics3
Electives 112
ECON 699Thesis6
Program Total Credits:33

 A minimum of 33 credits are required to complete this program. 


Complete 12 credits of elective courses, 500-level or above, that add depth and breadth to the program of study, chosen with advisor approval.  Electives do not include ECON 698, ECON 699, ECON 784, or ECON 799. Of the 12 credits, at least 6 must be in regular economics courses.