The Creative Nonfiction Specialization offers graduate students an opportunity to develop as writers and readers of creative, or literary, nonfiction. The program is innovative in that students can focus as much on reading and theorizing creative nonfiction as they can on writing it. Investigating the art and craft of creative nonfiction as practitioners and theorists, students encounter and engage genres as different as the personal essay, literary journalism, science writing, memoirs, and lyric essays. Recently the genre of creative nonfiction has expanded in exciting ways, and students are given the opportunity to study hybrid forms as well. Theses within the program range from a critical analysis of a work of creative nonfiction to a student’s own creative nonfiction essays or a single long work.

Effective Fall 2012

  • Completion of the program of study listed below
  • Oral defense of your thesis.
Plan of Study Grid
First YearCredits
E 640C1Graduate Writing Workshop: Essay2-3
Select one from the following:2-3
Graduate Writing Workshop: Essay 
Nonfiction Workshop 
Writing Hypertexts 
Select one from the following:3
Teaching Writing: Composition and Rhetoric 
English elective3
E 513CForm and Technique in Modern Literature: Essay3
Out-of-department course43
Select two courses from the following:56
Major Authors: English 
Major Authors: American 
Major Authors: World 
Literature Survey: English 
Literature Survey: American 
Literature Survey: Comparative 
Reading Literature-Recent Theories 
Special Topics in Literature: Area Studies 
Special Topics in Literature: Genre Studies 
Special Topics in Literature: Theory and Technique Studies 
Special Topics in Literature: Gender Studies 
Crossing Boundaries 
Professional Concerns in English 
Special Topics in Discourse Studies 
Critical Studies in Literature and Culture 
Environmental Literature and Criticism 
History of Writing 
 Total Credits19-20
Second Year
E 640C1Graduate Writing Workshop: Essay2-3
Select one from the following:12-3
Graduate Writing Workshop: Essay 
Nonfiction Workshop 
Writing Hypertexts 
Select one of the following:2-3
Out-of-department course4
English elective6
Internship: Teaching College English 
Internship: Composition Supervision/Administration 
Internship: Literary Editing 
Internship: Teaching ESL, K-12 
Internship: ESL-Adult Learning 
Internship: ESL-Supervision/Administration 
Internship: Arts Administration in Literature 
Internship: Public Education 
Internship: Computers and Writing 
Internship: Writing/Editing for Specific Purposes 
E 6997Thesis6
 Total Credits12-15
 Total Credits31-35

A minimum of 31 credits are required to complete this program. 


Course may be repeated for a maximum of 11 credits.


Required for all GTAs.


Choose a 500-600-level English course.


Choose a relevant course outside department 300-level or above.


Selection must be approved by advisor.


Course based on final thesis topic with advisor approval.


No more than six credits may count toward the degree.