The Liberal Arts specialization, Plan B is especially appropriate for students desiring employment in secondary education (licensure may be required) or who do not want to pursue further advanced degrees. This program requires a minimum of 33 credits, emphasizing area and/or topical historical study offered in seminars. The Plan B does not require a thesis or a foreign language.

Effective Fall 2011

Required Courses
HIST 501Historical Method: Historiography3
Select five of the following courses in consultation with advisor:15
Reading Seminar: U.S. to 1877
Reading Seminar: U.S. Since 1877
Reading Seminar-Europe to 1815
Reading Seminar-Europe Since 1815
Reading Seminar: Africa
Reading Seminar: Latin America
Reading Seminar: Middle East
Reading Seminar: East Asia
Reading Seminar: South Asia
Reading Seminar--World Environmental History
HIST 611Research Seminar: United States3
HIST 621Research Seminar: Europe3
Electives 19
Program Total Credits:33

A minimum of 33 credits are required to complete this program.