This program provides students the opportunities to develop their conducting and rehearsal techniques, explore a large body of literature, refine skills in music analysis and score preparation, and expand their knowledge of music history and theory.

Effective Spring 2012

MU 517Analytic Techniques I2
MU 518Analytic Techniques II3
MU 555Choral Techniques, Style, and Interpretation3
MU 556Advanced Instrumental Conducting and Techniques3
MU 566Choral Literature-Renaissance and Baroque2
MU 567Choral Literature-1750 to Present2
MU 630Methods of Music Research3
MU 671Graduate Recital1
MU 696IGroup Study: Performance 12
MU ***::Music History 16
Electives 1,25
Program Total Credits:32

A minimum of 32 credits are required to complete this program. 


Specific courses will be approved by the student’s graduate committee. Students may be required to take additional course work as determined by diagnostic examinations and/or their graduate committee.


Students are encouraged to take a minimum of 2 credits in their applied area (MU 672A-V)