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Professor Price Johnston, Director

As a branch of the arts and humanities, theatre claims a rich history and literature and an equally rich repertoire of embodied knowledge and theory and a varied and complex cultural practice for over 3,000 years. The Theatre major at CSU emphasizes a reciprocal relationship between practice and scholarly study, combining practical training with theory and history, while stressing creative critical thinking. Students are encouraged to engage intellectual and physical approaches to explore diverse cultural forms, historical traditions, and contemporary theatre practice. They will apply foundational knowledge of cognate disciplines such as history, philosophy, anthropology, political science, film, art, music, and literature through the lens of serious and disciplined study of acting, theatre design and production, dramaturgy, dramatic criticism, storytelling, and playwriting in theory and practice. During their first two years as Theatre majors, all students will take the same core of courses in all sub-disciplines. Following their sophomore review, students will be directed into one of three concentrations offered to Theatre majors at CSU: General Theatre; Performance; and Design and Technology.