A new job market is emerging for professionals who can assist corporations, government, non-governmental organizations and land managers with implementation of more sustainable practices that reduce pollution associated with greenhouse gas emissions. CSU’s Master of Greenhouse Gas Management and Accounting (MGMA) program combines the environmental knowledge and analytical and technical skills needed to launch a successful career tackling climate change issues associated with today’s greenhouse gas emission challenges. Students in the program gain practical knowledge through coursework and field-based training, as well as real-world experience through professional internships. This interdisciplinary degree is open to students from a wide variety of backgrounds – such as environmental studies, forestry, business, engineering, and agriculture – to gain the experience needed for rewarding careers.

Training in accurate quantification of greenhouse gas mitigation efforts is central to deployment of cleaner technologies and practices across all sectors of the economy. Every nation in the world has recognized the importance of limiting greenhouse gas emissions and agreed that emissions must be reduced. This goal cannot be achieved without a new class of technically adept professionals. The MGMA degree will provide students with knowledge and experience necessary to launch successful careers and tackle these challenges. The program leverages world-leading greenhouse gas and climate change expertise from across CSU and enables students from a wide variety of academic backgrounds, such as environmental studies, business, engineering, natural resources or agriculture, to develop the skills needed for emerging professions in greenhouse gas management and accounting.

The Master of Greenhouse Gas Management and Accounting is an affiliated Professional Science Master’s (PSM) degree. Affiliation is administered by the Commission on Affiliation of PSM Programs (formerly named PSM National Office) to ensure a strong and distinctive PSM brand. PSMs are designed for students who are seeking a graduate degree in science or mathematics and understand the need for developing workplace skills valued by top employers.  The degree program also participates in the Western Regional Graduate Program.



Effective Fall 2017

ESS 501Principles of Ecosystem Sustainability3
ESS 524Foundations for Carbon/Greenhouse Gas Mgmt3
ESS 542Greenhouse Gas Policies2
ESS 543/ATS 543Current Topics in Climate Change2
ESS 545Applications in Greenhouse Gas Inventories4
ESS 587Internship4
STAT 511ADesign and Data Analysis for Researchers I: R Software4
or STAT 511B Design and Data Analysis for Researchers I: SAS Software
Quantitative Methods 13
Greenhouse Gas Specialization 26
Technical Tools and Skills 36
Program Total Credits:37

A minimum of 37 credits are required to complete this program.