Effective Fall 2015

Plan of Study Grid
First YearCredits
NR 541Conservation Policy, Finance, and Governance2
NR 543BCatalyzing Change: Collaborative Conservation3
NR 544DConservation Methods: Spatial Information1
NR 544EConservation Methods: Integrative Field Work3
NR 545BMultilevel Views: Society and Conservation- Global3
NR 549AConservation and Systems Leadership3
NR 549BConservation and Systems Leadership: Field3
NR 562Ecosystem Services in a Changing World3
NR 564Systems Thinking and Biodiversity3
 Total Credits24
Second Year
NR 546BSocioecological Context: Global3
NR 548BConservation Planning and Management: Global3
NR 563Research Methods in Conservation--Global4
NRRT 699Thesis1-4
 Total Credits11-14
 Program Total Credits:35-38

A minimum of 35 credits are required to complete this program.