This program will prepare students for career entry or mid-level management positions in public, commercial, or nonprofit organizations providing visitor/tourism, including graduate courses in a) the concepts that guide decision-making for tourism practitioners and the interdependence of the diverse sectors of the tourism industry; b) the economic, social, and environmental impacts of tourism on society and the impact of uses of land and natural resources on tourism; c) the foundations of sustainable tourism development; and d) the identification and understanding of international policies, trends and challenges facing the tourism industry and organizations.

Effective Spring 2016

Required Courses
Select one of the following: 2
Strategic Ski Area Marketing and Management
Tourism Marketing Concepts and Applications
Select one of the following: 2
Ski Area Finance and Investment
Financial Management in Tourism
NRRT 600Tourism Industry Concepts and Practices2
NRRT 601Tourism Quantitative Analysis I2
NRRT 602Tourism Quantitative Analysis II2
NRRT 610Natural Resource Management and Tourism2
NRRT 615Sustainable Tourism Development Foundation2
NRRT 620Organizational Management in Tourism2
NRRT 625Communication/Conflict Management in Tourism2
NRRT 660Law and Legal Liability in Tourism 12
NRRT 662Global Tourism Policy2
NRRT 671Strategic Management for Travel and Tourism2
NRRT 679ACurrent Topics in Nature Based Tourism 11
NRRT 679BCurrent Topics in Nature Based Tourism 11
Directed Electives 2,34-6
Program Total Credits:30-32

A minimum of 30-32 credits are required to complete this program. 


Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with international universities may identify culturally specific course substitutions and total credits.


Select a minimum of 4 credits of directed electives approved by advisor. For those international students enrolled in this program, the number of directed electives credits (approved by the advisor) is to be consistent with the MOU with the cooperating international university.


Directed electives may be used toward a certificate with approval of advisor. The number of directed electives that satisfy the Master of Tourism Management and a graduate certificate may be limited by advisor.