The minor in Zoology is a useful complement to a major in animal science, fishery biology, geology, natural resource recreation and tourism, or wildlife biology.

Effective Fall 1983

Students must satisfactorily complete the total credits required for the minor. Minors and interdisciplinary minors require 12 or more upper-division (300- to 400-level) credits.

Additional coursework may be required due to prerequisites.

Lower Division
BZ 212Animal Biology-Invertebrates4
BZ 214Animal Biology-Vertebrates4
LIFE 102Attributes of Living Systems (GT-SC1)4
LIFE 103Biology of Organisms-Animals and Plants4
Upper Division
Select a minimum of 12 credits in zoologically oriented courses from four of the seven following areas: animal behavior; aquatic biology; cell biology and physiology; ecology; genetics, evolution, and systematics; invertebrate organisms; vertebrate organisms. 112
Program Total Credits:28

A list of zoologically-oriented courses in each area (specialties in zoology) is available from the department office.