The Mathematics Education Concentration is designed to prepare students to teach mathematics through the high school level, including Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate courses. The program provides the subject matter, education classes, and classroom experience required for secondary education licensure in Colorado.

Students interested in pursuing a teaching license through CSU may refer to the Center for Educator Preparation and the College of Health and Human Sciences section for general information. 

Effective Spring 2017

A minimum grade of C is required in all mathematics, statistics, and computer science courses which are required for graduation.

CO 150College Composition (GT-CO2)1A3
Select one group from the following: 4
Group A:  
Java (CS1) No Prior Programming
Java (CS1) Prior Programming
Group B  
Introduction to Unix  
Introduction to C Programming I  
In addition, to complete Group B, select at least two of the following:
Introduction to C Programming II  
Mathematical Algorithms in C  
Mathematical Algorithms in Matlab I  
Mathematical Algorithms in Maple  
MATH 160Calculus for Physical Scientists I (GT-MA1)1B4
MATH 161Calculus for Physical Scientists II (GT-MA1)1B4
MATH 192First Year Seminar in Mathematical Sciences 1
Arts and Humanities3B6
Global and Cultural Awareness3E3
Historical Perspectives3D3
Electives 2
 Total Credits 30
EDUC 275Schooling in the United States (GT-SS3)3C3
EDUC 340Literacy and the Learner 3
MATH 230Discrete Mathematics for Educators 3
MATH 261Calculus for Physical Scientists III 4
MATH 369Linear Algebra I 3
PH 1411Physics for Scientists and Engineers I (GT-SC1)3A5
Advanced Writing23
Biological and Physical Sciences13A4
Electives 3
 Total Credits 31
EDUC 331Educational Technology and Assessment 2
EDUC 350Instruction I-Individualization/Management 3
EDUC 386Practicum-Instruction I 1
EDUC 464Methods and Materials in Teaching Mathematics 4
MATH 317Advanced Calculus of One Variable4B4
MATH 366Introduction to Abstract Algebra4A3
MATH 470Euclidean and Non-Euclidean Geometry 3
STAT 315Statistics for Engineers and Scientists 3
Additional Biological and Physical Sciences13A4
Mathematical Sciences Elective2 3
Elective 2
 Total Credits 32
EDUC 450Instruction II-Standards and Assessment 4
EDUC 485BStudent Teaching: Secondary 11
EDUC 486EPracticum: Instruction II 1
EDUC 493ASeminar: Professional Relations 1
MATH 425History of Mathematics4C3
Electives3 7
 Total Credits 27
 Program Total Credits: 120

Students in this major must take a minimum of 13 credits from at least two subject codes selected from category 3A, Biological and Physical Sciences, in the All-University Core Curriculum (AUCC). At least one course must include a laboratory.


Select from STAT 420, STAT 430, or upper-division mathematics courses except those ending in -80 to -99.


Select enough elective credits to bring the program total to a minimum of 120 credits, of which at least 42 must be upper-division (300- to 400-level).

Distinctive Requirements for Degree Program:
The curriculum for the Mathematics major – Education Concentration assumes students enter college prepared to take calculus. Entering students who are not prepared to take calculus will need to fulfill pre-calculus requirements in the first semester. Those pre-calculus requirements are listed as benchmark courses in Freshman Semester 1 below. A minimum grade of C is required in all Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science courses that are required by the major.

Semester 1CriticalRecommendedAUCCCredits
CO 150College Composition (GT-CO2)  1A3
MATH 160Calculus for Physical Scientists I (GT-MA1) X1B4
MATH 192First Year Seminar in Mathematical Sciences   1
Arts and Humanities  3B3
Historical Perspectives  3D3
Elective   1
Pre-Calculus Requirements must be completed by the end of Semester 1, if needed. (MATH 117, MATH 118, MATH 124, MATH 125, MATH 126).X   
 Total Credits   15
Semester 2CriticalRecommendedAUCCCredits
MATH 161Calculus for Physical Scientists II (GT-MA1) X1B4
Introductory Programming Selection (See List on Concentration Requirements Tab).    4
Arts and Humanities  3B3
Global and Cultural Awareness  3E3
Elective   1
CO 150 and MATH 160 must be completed by the end of Semester 2.X   
 Total Credits   15
Semester 3CriticalRecommendedAUCCCredits
EDUC 275Schooling in the United States (GT-SS3) X3C3
MATH 230Discrete Mathematics for Educators X 3
PH 141Physics for Scientists and Engineers I (GT-SC1)  3A5
Elective   3
MATH 161 must be completed by the end of Semester 3.X   
 Total Credits   14
Semester 4CriticalRecommendedAUCCCredits
EDUC 340Literacy and the Learner X 3
MATH 261Calculus for Physical Scientists III X 4
MATH 369Linear Algebra IX  3
Advanced Writing  23
Biological and Physical Sciences  3A4
MATH 230 must be completed by the end of Semester 4. X   
 Total Credits   17
Semester 5CriticalRecommendedAUCCCredits
EDUC 331Educational Technology and AssessmentX  2
MATH 366Introduction to Abstract Algebra X4A3
STAT 315Statistics for Engineers and Scientists   3
Mathematical Science Elective (See Concentration Requirements Tab)   3
Additional Biological and Physical Science Electives (See Concentration Requirements Tab)  3A4
Elective   2
EDUC 275, EDUC 340, MATH 261 and Admission to Teacher Licensure Program must be completed by the end of Semester 5.X   
 Total Credits   17
Semester 6CriticalRecommendedAUCCCredits
EDUC 350Instruction I-Individualization/ManagementX  3
EDUC 386Practicum-Instruction IX  1
EDUC 464Methods and Materials in Teaching MathematicsX  4
MATH 317Advanced Calculus of One Variable X4B4
MATH 470Euclidean and Non-Euclidean GeometryX  3
MATH 230 must be completed by the end of Semester 6. X   
 Total Credits   15
Semester 7CriticalRecommendedAUCCCredits
EDUC 450Instruction II-Standards and AssessmentX  4
EDUC 486EPracticum: Instruction IIX  1
MATH 425History of MathematicsX 4C3
Electives   7
MATH 317 and MATH 366 must be completed by the end of Semester 7. X   
 Total Credits   15
Semester 8CriticalRecommendedAUCCCredits
EDUC 485BStudent Teaching: SecondaryX  11
EDUC 493ASeminar: Professional RelationsX  1
The benchmark courses for the 8th semester are the remaining courses in the entire program of study.X   
 Total Credits   12
 Program Total Credits:   120