No new students are being accepted into this specialization.  Students interested in this area of study should see the Ph.D. in Toxicology.

Effective Spring 2008

Core Courses
BMS 500Mammalian Physiology I4
ERHS 502Fundamentals of Toxicology3
ERHS 601Metabolism and Disposition of Toxic Agents3
ERHS 602Toxicological Mechanisms3
ERHS 603Toxicological Pathology3
ERHS 799Dissertation 1Var
Out-of-department requirement 23
Seminar 32
Departmental Electives 4
Select a minimum of 9 credits from the following:9
Cancer Biology
Environmental and Occupational Health Issues
Industrial Hygiene
Epidemiologic Methods
Advanced Occupational Health
Environmental Health Risk Assessment
Principles of Radiation Biology
Environmental Contaminant Modeling I
Chemical and Biological Warfare Agents
Pharmaceutical and Regulatory Toxicology
Cancer Genetics
Aerosols and Environmental Health
Program Total Credits:72

A minimum of 72 credits are required to complete this program.