Program requires a minimum of 40 semester credits with a professional paper and an internship; or one year of professional experience in occupational or environmental health-related areas.

Core Courses
Select a minimum of 24 credits from the following:
ERHS 520Environmental and Occupational Health Issues3
ERHS 526Industrial Hygiene3
ERHS 527Industrial Hygiene Laboratory1
ERHS 532Epidemiologic Methods3
Select one from the following:1-4
Occ Env Health Interdisciplinary Symposium 1
Research Seminar: Industrial Hygiene 2
Directed Electives 3Var
Out-of-Department Electives 43
Statistics 53
Elective Courses
Select a minimum of 12 credits from the following:12
Fundamentals of Toxicology 6
Toxicology Principles
Occupational and Environmental Toxicology
Occupational Safety
Radiological Physics and Dosimetry I
Advanced Occupational Health
Principles of Ergonomics
Ergonomics in Product and Process Design
Equipment and Instrumentation
Environmental Health Risk Assessment
Principles of Radiation Biology
Industrial Hygiene Control Methods
Environment, Safety, and Health Management
Occupational Noise Control
Aerosols and Environmental Health
Advanced Seminar: Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Independent Study4
Independent Study: Epidemiology
Independent Study: Occupational and Environmental Health
Independent Study: Toxicology
Independent Study: Radiation Chemistry
Independent Study: Radiation Ecology
Independent Study: Cancer Biology
Independent Study: Health Physics
Independent Study: Exposure Assessment
Independent Study: Small Animal Radiology
Independent Study: Large Animal Radiology
Independent Study: Special Techniques in Radiology
Independent Study: Radiation Therapy
Independent Study: Computed Tomography
Independent Study: Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Independent Study: Ultrasound
Independent Study: Nuclear Medicine
Responsible Conduct Research Training 70
Total Credits40

 A minimum of 40 credits are required to complete this program. 


Required for MAP ERC Trainees.


Maximum of 4 credits allowed.


Two additional courses approved by student’s committee.


Select courses with approval of advisor and graduate committee.


Select three credits of statistics with approval of advisor and graduate committee.


EHOH 6616 is an acceptable substitution for ERHS 502 from the Colorado School of Public Health at University of Colorado Denver.


Required of all master’s students enrolled in the program.