The certificate is designed to meet the global stability needs of senior NCOs and mid-career officers in the Special Operations and Civil Affairs communities as well as the global stability needs of other Department of Defense, USAID, Peace Corps, and development professionals. The certificate courses focus on Global Environmental Sustainability and Natural Resources.

Issues in Global Environmental Sustainability
Select 4-7 credits from the following:4-7
Ecosystem Services: Theory and Practice
Natural Resources Policy and Biodiversity
World Natural Resources
Action for Sustainable Behavior
Global Change and Conservation
Poverty and Sustainable Development
Sustainable Military Lands Management
Cultural Resource Management on Military Lands
Ecology of Military Lands
Electives: 12-5
Advanced Issues in Agriculture
Sustainable Agriculture
Urban Horticulture
Emerging Issues and Challenges for Global Agr
Capacity Building for a Changing Workplace
Issues in Animal Agriculture
Bioenergy Technology
Bioenergy Policy, Economics, and Assessment
Managing for Ecosystem Sustainability
Understanding Policy and Emerging Issues
Anthropology and Sustainable Development
Human-Environment Interactions
Issues in Manure Management
International Business
Water Control and Measurement
Water Engineering: International Development
Water and Wastewater Analysis
Water Resources Planning and Management
Infrastructure and Utility Management
Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
Epidemiologic Methods
Environmental Exposure Assessment
Radiation Public Health
Principles of Ecosystem Sustainability
Food Systems, Nutrition, and Food Security
Reading Seminar: Africa
Reading Seminar: Middle East
Reading Seminar: East Asia
Reading Seminar--World Environmental History
Perspectives in Global Health
Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases/Zoonoses
Sociology of Food Systems and Agriculture
Contemporary Issues of Developing Countries
Sociology of Sustainable Development
Sociology of Water Resources
Globalization and Socioeconomic Restructuring
Watershed Management in Developing Countries
Water Resource Development
Total Credits9-15

Elective credits must be from a department other than the student’s home department.