AGRI 116  Plants and Civilizations (GT-SS3)  Credits: 3 (2-0-1)

Also Offered As: IE 116.
Course Description: Plant origins and their relationships with cultures/civilizations as food, spices, perfumes, and medicines and in art, religion, wars, slavery, etc.
Prerequisite: None.
Registration Information: Credit not allowed for both AGRI 116 and IE 116. Must register for lecture and recitation.
Terms Offered: Fall, Spring.
Grade Mode: Traditional.
Special Course Fee: No.
Additional Information: Global & Cultural Awareness 3E, Human Behavior, Culture, or Social Frameworks (GT-SS3).

Major in Economics

...course except: ECON 211 AGRI 270 World Interdependence...IE course except: IE 116 JTC 100 Media...