Tuition, Fees, and Expenses

...00 College of Liberal Arts $57.30 College...of at least $1,370.00 per month...

Major in International Studies, Asian Studies Concentration

...Cultures and Societies ART 316 Art of the...International Political Economy ECON 370 Comparative Economic Systems...

Major in Geology, Geology Concentration

...GT-MA1) 1B 4 Arts and Humanities 3E...Geographic Information Systems NR 370 Coastal Environmental Ecology...

Major in Social Work

...Title Credits gened:arts-humanities:Arts and Humanities...Justice Movements 3 ETST 370 Caribbean Identities 3...

Major in Economics

...strong liberal arts curriculum including arts and humanities...120 , ANTH 121 , ANTH 370 , ANTH 372 , ANTH...

Major in Ethnic Studies

...GT-SS3) 3E 3 Arts and Humanities 3B...Environmental Justice Movements ETST 370 Caribbean Identities ETST...

Major in Art (B.F.A.), Sculpture Concentration

A minimum grade of C (2.000) must be achieved in each upper-division art course in the student's concentration. The minimum scholastic average acceptable for graduation is 2.000 computed only for courses attempted at CSU.

Major in Anthropology

...majors follow a liberal arts curriculum that provides...330 Human Ecology ANTH 370 Primates ANTH 372...

Major in Journalism and Media Communication in the liberal arts. All students complete...Buying and Selling JTC 370 Web Programming for...

Major in Computer Engineering

...Electronics Principles II CS 370 Operating Systems 3...Organization and Architecture 3 Arts and Humanities 3B...

ART 370  Sculpture II  Credits: 4 (0-8-0)

Course Description: Intermediate-level exploration of materials, concepts, process, and outcomes rooted in the sculpture area.
Prerequisite: ART 270.
Term Offered: Fall.
Grade Mode: Traditional.
Special Course Fee: Yes.

LB 370  Liberal Arts and Meaningful Work  Credit: 1 (1-0-0)

Course Description: Assist Liberal Arts students transition from college to career. Students will apply skills and theory from their Liberal Arts degrees to the search for meaningful work, research the job market, and begin building professional networks.
Prerequisite: None.
Registration Information: Completion of AUCC Category 2. This is a partial semester course. Offered as an online course only. Credit not allowed for both LB 370 and LB 380A1.
Grade Mode: S/U Sat/Unsat Only.
Special Course Fee: No.