ART 420  Travel Abroad-Art History in Italy  Credits: Var[3-5] (0-0-0)

Course Description: Art historical study of painting, sculpture, and architecture in Italy.
Prerequisite: ART 212.
Term Offered: Summer.
Grade Mode: Traditional.
Special Course Fee: No.

Major in Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts

The Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts major is a degree program combining the humanities, the arts, languages and literature, and social sciences so as to foster interdisciplinary knowledge, core career competencies, personal development, professional excellence, interpersonal confidence and expertise, and a deeper understanding of the complex world in which we live. Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts majors can select between the Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts major and a five-year joint program with dual degrees in Liberal Arts (B.A.) and Engineering Science (B.S.).

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