E 341  Literary Criticism and Theory  Credits: 3 (3-0-0)

Course Description: Theory and practice of modern literary analysis and evaluation; writing about literature.
Prerequisite: E 140 or E 160 or E 179 or E 232 or E 234 or ETST 234 or E 235 or E 237 or E 238 or E 239 or ETST 239 or E 240 or E 242 or E 245 or E 247 or E 270 or E 276 or E 277 or E 330 or E 332 or E 334 or E 335 or E 336 or E 337 or E 342 or E 343 or E 345 or E 356.
Terms Offered: Fall, Spring.
Grade Modes: S/U within Student Option, Trad within Student Option.
Special Course Fee: No.

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