ECON 204  Principles of Macroeconomics (GT-SS1)  Credits: 3 (2-0-1)

Course Description: Determinants of national output, employment, and price level; inflation and unemployment; fiscal and monetary policy.
Prerequisite: (MATH 117 or MATH 118 or MATH 141 or MATH 155 or MATH 160) and (ECON 202 or AREC 202).
Registration Information: Must register for lecture and recitation. Sections may be offered: Online.
Terms Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer.
Grade Mode: Traditional.
Special Course Fee: No.
Additional Information: Social & Behavioral Sciences 3C, Economic or Political Systems (GT-SS1).

Major in Economics

...Electives 11-12 Total Credits 30 Sophomore ECON 204 Principles of Macroeconomics (GT-SS1) 3C...