EDCT 485  Student Teaching  Credits: Var[1-18] (0-0-0)

Course Description: Teacher education candidates participate in an intensive and extensive on-site capstone experience within a public school setting.
Prerequisite: (EDUC 450) and (EDUC 460 or EDUC 474 or EDUC 463 or EDUC 464 or EDUC 465 or EDUC 466 or EDUC 475 or EDUC 476 or EDUC 477 or EDCT 425 or EDCT 431 or EDCT 441 or EDCT 451 or EDCT 465 or EDUC 462).
Registration Information: Appropriate special content methods courses.
Terms Offered: Fall, Spring.
Grade Mode: Instructor Option.
Special Course Fee: Yes.