Major in Engineering Science, Teacher Education Concentration

The Engineering Science Teacher Education concentration provides students with the engineering and teaching experience to enter junior and senior high school classrooms and laboratories to teach engineering design principles and concepts in an exciting technology education classroom.

Major in Chemistry, ACS Certified Concentration

...extensive and rigorous chemistry education that gives students...463 Molecular Genetics BC 465 Molecular Regulation of...

Major in Applied Computing Technology, Computing Education Concentration

This teacher education program leads to a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Computing Technology with a concentration in Computing Education (K-12 technology education) with state licensure in instructional technology (computers) and provides students with a background in education, computer programming, and computer systems enabling graduates to teach computing principles and serve as computing technology experts in public schools.

Major in Construction Management

...American Council for Construction Education. Construction management is...for Construction 3 CON 465 Construction Management Professional...

Major in English, English Education Concentration

The English Education concentration provides students with preparation for teaching in secondary schools. It is designed for students who wish to pursue a career in teaching language arts and offers a range of courses in language, literature, and writing. Students may receive an endorsement from the State of Colorado in English Language Arts. In addition to the common requirements for the English major, students pursuing teaching licensure take several extra courses in English, as well as education classes through the School of Education.

Major in Art (BA), Studio Concentration students a liberal education with a focus...Painting II 4C ART 465 Printmaking IV-Studio...

Major in Anthropology, Geography Concentration

...Anthropological Report Preparation ANTH 465 Zooarchaeology ANTH 478...Commodities IE 492 International Education Seminar Additional Humanities...

Major in Anthropology

...and techniques. In the education of undergraduates, the...Anthropological Report Preparation ANTH 465 Zooarchaeology ANTH 478...

Major in Journalism and Media Communication

...Spring 2017 Association for Education in Journalism and...464 Technical Communication JTC 465 Specialized and Technical...

EDCT 465  Methods and Materials in Technology Education  Credits: 3 (3-0-0)

Course Description: Strategies and practices of teaching in a technical laboratory setting.
Prerequisite: EDUC 350, may be taken concurrently or EDUC 450, may be taken concurrently.
Registration Information: Sections may be offered: Online.
Term Offered: Fall.
Grade Mode: Traditional.
Special Course Fee: No.

EDUC 465  Methods and Materials in Social Studies  Credits: 4 (4-0-0)

Course Description: Methods of teaching social studies; sources of information and teaching materials and literature for social studies teachers.
Prerequisite: None.
Registration Information: Admission to Teacher Licensure Program.
Term Offered: Fall.
Grade Mode: Traditional.
Special Course Fee: No.