LAND 220  Fundamentals of Ecology (GT-SC2)  Credits: 3 (3-0-0)

Also Offered As: LIFE 220.
Course Description: Interrelationships among organisms and their environments.
Prerequisite: (BIO 100 to 199 - at least 3 credits or BZ 100 to 199 - at least 3 credits or LIFE 100 to 199 - at least 3 credits or HORT 100) and (MATH 100 to 199 - at least 3 credits).
Registration Information: Credit allowed for only one of the following: LAND 220/LIFE 220, or LIFE 320. Sections may be offered: Online.
Term Offered: Fall.
Grade Mode: Traditional.
Special Course Fee: No.
Additional Information: Biological & Physical Sciences 3A, Natural & Physical Sciences w/o lab (GT-SC2).

Major in Watershed Science

...upper-division coursework in land use hydrology, snow...Credits 29 Summer NR 220 Natural Resource Ecology...

Minor in Range Ecology wildlife habitat, integrated land management, ranch management...of BZ 223 or NR 220 are recommended.