LFRE 101  First-Year French II  Credits: 5 (3-0-2)

Course Description: Essentials of French for the continuing student: aural comprehension, speaking, reading, writing.
Prerequisite: LFRE 100 or LFRE 105 or LFRE 106.
Registration Information: Must register for lecture and recitation. Placement exam or instructor placement can substitute for course prerequisites. Credit not allowed for both LFRE 101 and LFRE 107. Sections offered as Mixed Face-to-Face (3 credits face-to-face, 2 credits online) or Face-to-Face only.
Terms Offered: Fall, Spring.
Grade Modes: S/U within Student Option, Trad within Student Option.
Special Course Fee: No.

Major in International Studies, European Studies Concentration


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Major in History, Language Concentration


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