LIFE 220  Fundamentals of Ecology (GT-SC2)  Credits: 3 (3-0-0)

Also Offered As: LAND 220.
Course Description: Interrelationships among organisms and their environments. (GT-SC2, AUCC 3A).
Prerequisite: (BIO 100 to 199 or BZ 100 to 199 or LIFE 100 to 199 or HORT 100) and (MATH 100 to 199).
Registration Information: 3 credits of 100-level biology or HORT 100; 3 credits of 100-level MATH. Credit not allowed for more than one of the following: LIFE 220/LAND 220 or LIFE 320. Sections may be offered: Online.
Term Offered: Fall.
Grade Mode: Traditional.
Special Course Fee: No.
Additional Information: Biological & Physical Sciences 3A, Natural & Physical Sciences w/o lab (GT-SC2).

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