PHIL 462  Capstone Seminar  Credits: 3 (1-0-2)

Course Description: In-depth, integrative study of major topics, texts, and problems in both philosophy and religion.
Prerequisite: PHIL 300 and PHIL 301 or PHIL 300 and PHIL 302 or PHIL 300 and PHIL 409 or PHIL 301 and PHIL 302 or PHIL 301 and PHIL 409 or PHIL 302 and PHIL 409.
Restriction: Must be a: Senior, Senior - 5yr Bachelor, Senior - Post Bachelor, Senior - Second Bachelor.
Registration Information: Senior standing. Two of the following courses are required: PHIL 300, PHIL 301, PHIL 302, PHIL 409. Must register for lecture and recitation.
Terms Offered: Fall, Spring.
Grade Mode: Instructor Option.
Special Course Fee: No.

Major in International Studies, Asian Studies Concentration

...Japanese PHIL 172 Religions of the East PHIL...Racial/Ethnic Politics POLS 462 Globalization, Sustainability, and...