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The mission of INTO Colorado State University is to provide quality English language and Pathway programs and comprehensive support services to international students interested in learning English for personal, professional, or academic purposes, and to serve the university and student body at large.

Through INTO CSU, international students can study Academic English or choose to attend one of the many International Year One or Graduate Pathway programs to strengthen academic credentials and English proficiency before applying to a CSU degree program. All programs are in a highly supportive learning environment, designed to accelerate students' success. Students, regardless of INTO CSU program of study, have all the benefits and experiences of campus life at CSU, including access to all of the academic, social, and cultural resources and activities that CSU has to offer. 

English Language Programs

Academic English (AE) at INTO CSU helps international students improve their English proficiency when their English levels are lower than required for entry to Pathway programs by introducing them to generic academic skills in English. AE serves students who may or may not wish to pursue a degree at CSU after successful AE program completion.

Academic English Program

The Academic English program at INTO CSU is accredited by the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation (CEA) and prepares international students for university study in the U.S. This academically rigorous program provides international students with high-quality English language instruction and the academic skills to succeed at CSU through development of:

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Grammar
  • Academic study skills

English Foundations

INTO CSU offers an English Foundations program for students who require more support before entering the full Academic English program. Our professional instructors help improve a student’s English proficiency and prepare students to retake the English placement test to determine their Academic English level or entry to a Pathway in the following semester.

Pathway Programs

INTO CSU offers Pathway programs for undergraduate and graduate level international students designed to improve both their English and academic performance (G.P.A.) to successfully complete their first year or semester in their targeted degree programs at CSU. Pathway students are integrated with direct-entry students from the start to enhance their adjustment to the new academic context. 

International Year One

International Year One allows undergraduate students to begin earning credits toward their CSU degree even if they don’t meet the academic and English requirements for direct entry. They receive additional support to move successfully through their first year and graduate in the same amount of time as domestic students.  Depending on the student's English language scores, students enter International Year One through a 1-Semester, 2-Semester or 3-Semester Pathway program.

Transfer Program

The Undergraduate Transfer Program is specifically designed to support international students who have already completed college or university-level courses and want to transfer to CSU. They receive an estimate of transferable credits toward their degree before they start the program.

Graduate Pathways

The Graduate Pathway program gives graduate students the academic foundation, essential language skills and GMAT/GRE test preparation to successfully move on to a CSU master’s degree. They receive the highest level of support throughout their program, including personalized academic advising.