The M.S. in Health and Exercise Science, Plan B offers students a health-oriented, science-based curriculum and outreach experience. The program prepares students for further education and/or careers in health and exercise science related fields. Graduates are represented by careers in: health related research and development, hospital or corporate health promotion/wellness, clinical exercise physiology, and medical and allied health professions.

Effective Fall 2014

Core Courses
HES 420Electrocardiography and Exercise Management3
HES 520Advanced Exercise Testing and Prescription3
HES 556Wellness and Health Promotion Concepts3
HES 600Research Design in Health/Exercise Science3
HES 602Advanced Physiology of Exercise3
HES 645Epidemiology of Health and Physical Activity3
Select one from the following:6
Practicum: Adult Fitness-Human Performance Clinical/Research Laboratory
Group Study: Exercise and Nutrition
Group Study: Exercise Science
Group Study: Biomechanics
Group Study: Neuromuscular Physiology
HES 693Seminar2
Electives 115
Select one from the following:3
Independent Study: Health
Independent Study: Exercise Science
Independent Study: Biomechanics
Independent Study: Neuromuscular Physiology
Program Total Credits:44

A minimum of 44 credits are required to complete this program.