The Marriage and Family Therapy specialization, which is accredited by the Commission on the Accreditation of Marriage and Family Therapy Education, provides a specific professional curriculum that prepares graduates for licensure as a marriage and family therapist. Courses focus on individual and family development, evidence-based clinical practices, social justice frameworks, and research methods. Students also complete a thesis. Training includes practica and internships with live supervision in the CSU Center for Family and Couple Therapy as well as Campus Connections: Therapeutic Mentoring At-Risk Youth, the Child Trauma and Resilience Assessment Center, and other clinical programs. Graduates of this program go on to work as therapists in private practice or in for-profit and non-profit mental health agencies. Some students enter doctoral programs upon graduation, including CSU's Ph.D. in Applied Developmental Science.

Learn more about the Master's in Human Development and Family Studies, Plan A, Marriage and Family Therapy specialization on the Department of Human Development and Family Studies website.

Effective Fall 2020

Required Courses
HDFS 500Issues in Human Development & Family Studies3
HDFS 501Readings in the Discipline1
HDFS 515Family Systems and Psychopathology3
HDFS 520Family Therapy Practice: Treatment Planning3
HDFS 521Family Therapy Practice: Common Factors3
HDFS 524Family Theory3
HDFS 534Marriage and Family Therapy3
HDFS 549Research Methods I3
HDFS 550Research Methods II3
HDFS 620Family Therapy Practice: Addictions3
HDFS 621Family Therapy Practice: Topics in Sexuality3
HDFS 624Skills and Techniques in Family Therapy3
HDFS 644Foundations in Family Therapy3
HDFS 676Professional Skills Development3
HDFS 677Ethical and Legal Issues3
HDFS 687CInternship: Marriage and Family TherapyVar.
Selected Courses
Select one from the following:3
Early Child Development
Adolescent Development
Adult Development and Aging
Seminar: Lifespan Socioemotional Development
Seminar: Lifespan Cognitive Development
Select at least one from the following:3
Risk and Resilience
Family Issues: Intimacy and Human Sexuality
Family Issues: Parenting
HDFS 699Thesis6
Program Total Credits:60

 A minimum of 60 credits are required to complete this program.