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Effective Fall 2021

All majors and minors in the department must earn a minimum grade of C (a grade of C- is not acceptable) in each upper-division course that carries the LARA, LASL, LCHI, LFRE, LGEN, LGER, LGRK, LITA, LJPN, LKOR, LLAT, LRUS, or LSPA subject code.

CO 150College Composition (GT-CO2)1A3
Select one course from the following: 3
Western Civilization, Modern (GT-HI1)3D 
World History, 1500-Present (GT-HI1)3D 
L*** 200 Second Year Language I 3
Select one from the following:  3
L*** 201 Second Year Language II
Spanish for Heritage Speakers3B 
Biological and Physical Sciences3A4
Quantitative Reasoning1B3
Electives 8
 Total Credits 27
CO 300Writing Arguments (GT-CO3)23
EDUC 275Schooling in the United States (GT-SS3)3C3
EDUC 340Literacy and the Learner 3
L*** 300 Reading and Writing for Communication 3
L*** 310 Approaches to Literature 3
L*** 326 Phonetics 3
L*** 335 Issues in Culture 3
Arts and Humanities13B3
Biological and Physical Sciences3A3
Diversity and Global Awareness3E3
Social and Behavioral Sciences3C3
 Total Credits 33
Select one course from the following: 3
Introduction to the Study of Language  
Introduction to French Linguistics  
Introduction to Spanish Linguistics  
EDUC 331Educational Technology and Assessment 2
EDUC 350Instruction I-Individualization/Management 3
EDUC 386Practicum-Instruction I 1
L*** 400 Advanced Communication Skills 3
Select one course from the following: 3
Advanced French/Francophone Culture: Representations4A 
Advanced French/Francophone Culture: Center and Margins4A 
Advanced German Culture4A 
Caribbean Culture in Hispanic Literature4A 
Advanced Latin American Culture4A 
Advanced Spanish Culture4A 
Select one course from the following: 3
Selected French Literary Movements and Periods  
Genre Studies in French  
Author Studies in French  
Topic Studies in French  
French/Francophone Women Writers  
Selected German Literary Movements and Periods  
Genre Studies in German  
Author Studies in German  
Topic Studies in German  
Advanced Studies in German Film  
Colonial Latin American Literature  
Spanish Theatre  
Women Writers in the Hispanic World  
Spanish-American Literary Movements and Periods  
Selected Spanish Literary Movements and Periods  
Genre Studies in Spanish  
Author Studies in Spanish  
Topic Studies in Spanish  
L*** 300- or 400- level language course 9
Arts and Humanities13B3
 Total Credits 30
Select one course from the following: 3
Teaching English as a Second Language  
Spanish Professional Terminology in Context  
Spanish Grammatical Constructions  
EDUC 450Instruction II-Standards and Assessment 4
EDUC 462Methods and Assessment in Teaching Languages 4
EDUC 485BStudent Teaching: Secondary 11
EDUC 486EPracticum: Instruction II 1
EDUC 493ASeminar: Professional Relations 1
L*** 492 Language, Literature, and Society4B,4C3
L*** 400-level language 3
 Total Credits 30
 Program Total Credits: 120