The Master of Arts in History, Public History Specialization, Cultural Resource Management & Historic Preservation Option, Plan B provides a specialized degree plan that provides training in historical method and theory, architectural history, heritage studies, digital history, community engagement, and hands-on experience completing the types of work most common in the field of CRM and Historic Preservation (identification, interpretation, rehabilitation, and management of historic and prehistoric resources and landscapes). CRM and Historic Preservation professionals often enter careers with federal or state land management agencies, city planning offices, consulting firms, and non-profit organizations.

Coursework in the Cultural Resource Management & Historic Preservation option, and in all of our programs of study, is based in small seminars and stresses historiography, research methods, and hands-on experience. Students are required to complete at least three credits of internship.

Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully complete the program will be able to:

  1. Develop historical research questions and conduct historical synthesis, analysis, and interpretation using primary and secondary source research
  2. Develop the critical reading, speaking, and writing skills essential to professional historical practice
  3. Define historical narratives and develop both breadth and depth of knowledge in U.S. historiography
  4. Develop fluency in architectural vocabulary and architectural history analysis methods
  5. Conduct hands-on fieldwork in CRM and Historic Preservation
  6. Define the concepts of history, heritage, culture, memory, preservation, and resource management
  7. Discuss laws and policies governing CRM and Historic Preservation
  8. Develop project management and community engagement skills

Effective Fall 2023

Required Courses in Historical Method and Practice:
HIST 501Historical Method: Historiography3
HIST 579Professional Development Seminar1
Additional Required Courses:
HIST 354American Architectural History3
HIST 478/ANTH 478Heritage Resource Management3
HIST 503Historical Method: Preservation3
HIST 511Reading Seminar: U.S. to 18773
HIST 512Reading Seminar: U.S. Since 18773
HIST 611Research Seminar: United States3
HIST 640Research Seminar--Public History3
Select one course from the following:3
Historical Method: Archives
Historical Method: Museums
Historical Method - Digital History
Material Culture
Select one course from the following:3
Reading Seminar-Europe to 1815
Reading Seminar-Europe Since 1815
Reading Seminar: Africa
Reading Seminar: Latin America
Reading Seminar: Middle East
Reading Seminar: East Asia
Reading Seminar: South Asia
Reading Seminar--World Environmental History
Research Seminar--International
Select one course from the following:3
Elective 13
Portfolio and Oral Examinations
Program Total Credits:37

Any 500-600 level HIST course, or another course selected in consultation with advisor.

A minimum of 37 credits are required to complete this program.