International Studies

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Andrea Duffy, Director

The International Studies major is an interdisciplinary program designed to help students understand the nature of diverse cultures and peoples. There are five concentrations: Asian Studies, European Studies, Global Studies, Latin American Studies, and Middle East and North African Studies. Courses are required in anthropology & geography, political science, economics, history, foreign language,and international studies, with other elective courses chosen from these and many more disciplines across the college and university.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the International Studies major will demonstrate that they are competent and capable in:

  • Effectively articulating themes of International Studies and related fields in written and oral contexts
  • Critically explaining and evaluating global issues
  • Applying an interdisciplinary approach to knowledge
  • Practicing positive global change

Potential Occupations

Graduates in International Studies apply their education in a wide variety of careers, including those in international business, non-profit organizations, academics, public policy, law, government, city planning, engineering, environmental sustainability and clean energy, information systems, journalism, publishing, education, sales and marketing, management and administration, artistic production, mass media, communications, museums, entertainment, foreign service, and many other areas in need of well-rounded and broadly world-educated people. Many International Studies graduates enter graduate or professional schools for more specialized study in either international studies or one of many other disciplines. To enhance their career opportunities, majors are encouraged to consider participating in paid or volunteer work or internship opportunities, and to study abroad.

Accelerated Program 

The major in International Studies includes an accelerated program option for students to graduate on a faster schedule. Accelerated Programs typically include 15-16 credits each fall and spring semester for three years, plus 6-9 credits over three summer sessions. Students who enter CSU with prior credit (AP, IB, transfer, etc.) may use applicable courses to further accelerate their graduation. Visit the Office of the Provost website for additional information about Accelerated Programs.