No new students are being admitted to this program of study.  Students interested in this area of study should see the M.S. in Environmental Leadership.

Effective Fall 2012

Plan of Study Grid
First YearCredits
NR 540AEnvironmental Issues: Water Resources2
NR 540BEnvironmental Issues: Biological Diversity2
NR 540CEnvironmental Issues: Ecologic Reconciliation2
NR 540DEnvironmental Issues: Ecosystem Services2
NR 541Conservation Policy, Finance, and Governance2
NR 542Global Change and Conservation2
NR 543ACatalyzing Change: Conflict and Conservation2
NR 543BCatalyzing Change: Collaborative Conservation2
NR 544AConservation Methods: Watershed Sciences1
NR 544BConservation Methods: Ecological Sciences1
NR 544CConservation Methods: Social Sciences1
NR 544DConservation Methods: Spatial Information1
NR 544EConservation Methods: Integrative Field Work2-4
NR 545A or 545BMultilevel Views: Society and Conservation- Mexico
Multilevel Views: Society and Conservation- Global
NR 549AConservation and Systems LeadershipVar.
 Total Credits26-32
Second Year
NR 546A or 546BSocioecological Context: Mexico
Socioecological Context: Global
NR 547Poverty and Sustainable Development2
NR 548A or 548BConservation Planning and Management: Mexico
Conservation Planning and Management: Global
NR 549BConservation and Systems Leadership: Field1-3
NRRT 698Research3
 Total Credits10-12
 Program Total Credits:36-44

A minimum of 36 credits are required to complete this program.