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Coordinated by a Faculty Advisory Board and the College of Engineering

The Systems Engineering Interdisciplinary Studies Program is designed to address the current trend toward increasingly complex systems that exists across a variety of disciplines, including aerospace, energy, environment, and biosciences. The objective of the program is to expose engineers and industry professionals to a disciplined development process in order to manage complex engineered systems and produce quality and reasonably priced products.

The program is open to graduate students and professionals who hold a B.S. degree. Coursework in calculus and statistics (or the ability to apply statistical methods) is also required.

Effective Spring 2015

Core Courses
Select one from the following:3
Information Technology and Project Management
Advanced IT Project Management
Engineering Project and Program Management
ENGR 501Foundations of Systems Engineering3
ENGR 530Overview of Systems Engineering Processes3
ENGR 531Engineering Risk Analysis3
Program Total Credits:12