For New Courses approved for Spring 2018 after August 1, 2017 please see the Spring 2018 Class Schedule. Experimental Courses for the 2017-2018 Academic Year can also be found in the Class Schedule. The Class Schedule may be accessed through RAMweb or ARIESweb.

Curriculum Additions

The following Graduate Certificates were approved on the Faculty Council minutes and have been added to the General Catalog:

Graduate Certificate in Adventure Tourism (02/07/17 FC approval)

Graduate Certificate in High Impact On-Demand Learning Solutions (02/07/17 FC approval)

Graduate Certificate in Nutrition Sciences (04/04/17 FC approval)


HSMG-BS: Major in Hospitality Management:  Major Completion Map Correction: added RRM 400 as 4B in Senior Year Semester 7 to match the approved program of study requirements. (10/04/2017)

gtPathways Correction: MATH 105 and MATH 255 are no longer recognized as gtPathways courses.  The non-renewal of the gtPathways designation occurred after the 17-18 Genearl Catalog publication date.  

Graduate and Professional Bulletin Updates

Faculty Council approved the changes to the continuous registration policy on December 5, 2017.  This modification is found in the Faculty Council minutes.