Associated Students of CSU (ASCSU) 

All fee-paying CSU students are members of Associated Students of Colorado State University (ASCSU), the student governing body that promotes the interests and welfare of the students at the city, state, and federal level. ASCSU’s president is the student representative on the Board of Governors, CSU’s governing body. ASCSU comprises three main branches: Legislative, Executive, and Judicial. ASCSU represents the student population that makes up their specific colleges, as well as the Graduate School Council. ASCSU offers programs and services to all CSU students. Examples include Ram Road Trips, Ram Leadership Team, Grill the Buffs, and the For-Ever-Green shirt program. 

Graduate Student Council 

Formal student involvement in the Graduate School proceeds through the Graduate Student Council. The Student Council consists of one student representative and one alternate from each department offering programs leading to advanced degrees. The Council elects its own officers and nominates graduate students for memberships on Faculty Council and Graduate School committees.

College Councils 

Students who have declared a major can contact their Dean’s Office in order to find out more about the College's Student Council and the leadership opportunities it may afford. Students who have not declared a major should contact the Center for Advising and Student Achievement to get information about the Undeclared Leadership Council.

President's Leadership Program (PLP) 

The President's Leadership Program is a fourteen credit leadership development experience consisting of three independent year-long (two semester) academic and experiential courses designed to explore the personal, organizational, and social dimensions of leadership through course-work, retreats, and service learning. Students must apply and be selected to participate in each year of the program. Successful completion of PLP can contribute to an interdisciplinary minor in leadership studies. 

Honorary Societies 

By promoting, advancing, and recognizing the top scholars of our campus community, honorary societies assist students in their pursuit of academic excellence. Students are advised to exercise caution when accepting invitations from honor societies. Not all such organizations provide honors that will be recognized and valued by the academic community and potential employers.

Campus Connections

Campus Connections is a high-impact service learning course at CSU where undergraduate students serve as mentors to at-risk youth. Students from over 90 different majors work one on one with at-risk youth ranging in age from 11-18 who are referred to Campus Connections from our community partners within the juvenile justice system of Larimer County, local schools, community agencies, and directly from families.